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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  September 14, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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school shooting, and today we learned the details of those measures. long before police say a 15- year-old student boarded the bus for his first day of school with a shotgun, some perry hall high school students became aware of a cryptic message through social media in which robert gladden jr. claimed it would also be the last day of his life. now the school system is encouraging students to report anything suspicious through a new safe school tip hotline. >> if you see or hear anything while you ear at an after school program, whatever it ask, if you're out at a program, and you think it might carry over, let us know. we want the information, and we'll work with the police to determine whether it is legitimate information or not. but don't hesitate to communicate and to let us know. >> reporter: the scho system is expanding its office of safety and security offing an adecisional director and the baltimore county police have
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already committed to running additional controls at the schools and making hand-held metal detectors available to school resource officers. the teachers are also being called upon to look for signs of troubled students in their classroom. [ and certainly one facet of it, but it is not the only one. there are students who just don't feel connected. we want teachers to be aware of that and spend some time with that student and find out why they don't feel connected. >> reporter: many of the security enhancements are also outlined in letters schools will send home with students on monday and the superintendent is reaching out to them on a videotaped message on the web site. >> there is no place in our schools for violence. we will make sure that as a school system we do everything possible to maintain safety. >> reporter: the hotline being set up and it will allow people to call in tips anonymously and there is an e-mail or text concerns over potential threats giving them additional means to
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help protect themselves. abc 2 news. of course every school system has some ins kens of violence each year, but it is rare for a student to be shot or have a gun pointed at them at school. unfortunately both of those things have happened in baltimore county even though the school year has just begun. this all actually started on the first day of school for the county. the 15-year-old robert gladden jr. walked into the cafeteria at perry hall high school and shot a classmate with a shotgun. the school counselor was able to get the gun away from him. the attorneys say he didn't mean to harm anyone except himself and may have been expecting to be killed. and then this past tuesday the police say an eighth grader at the middle school pulled out a semi automatic handgun and pointed it around the classroom before pointing it at himself. the teacher managed to get the gun from him and restrain him until the school resource officer got to him. the gun in that situation was never fired but the student's grandfather is charged. he was accused of allowing his
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grandson to get access to his gun. and we looked at the previous plan take was already in place before the start of the school year. in a section about what to do if a weapon is seen at school, the plan lays out a list of steps and rules to be followed, including in the attempting to take the weapon from the individual. of course, in the case of the shooting at perry hall high school, that's exactly what the teachers did and many believe their actions saved lives. for a look at the full baltimore county school security plan take was last updated in 2011, just head to abc 2 and click on the education sex under the news tab. a warm day out there. a mixture of sunshine and clouds. and again, a blend of some clouds t there. we're awaiting a cold front that has been moved through and we drop our temperatures down going into this weekend. and parkville, 81 degrees. and it is right along the 695 strip we're seeing some pretty good weather conditions now with a mixture of sunshine and clouds. we topped out at 81 at bwi.
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normally we should be around 79 degrees. 94 was set back in 1931. here is your forecast. 74 through the course of this evening. nighttime temperatures falling back into the 60s. and waking up tomorrow to breezy, blended sunshine and clouds with a temperature around 60. we'll talk more about that front and the weekend forecast, maybe a big storm for monday that is coming up in a little bit. >> thank you. police are constantly patrolling a part of glen burnie looking for a man they say burglarized the home of a 70-year-old woman. she was not hurt, but the case bears an eerie resemiwhat happens of a crime that happened in the same block two years ago. >> reporter: this burglary happened last saturday night. the suspect hid his face, was armed and took off running when he realized his victim was awake. since the weekend, the anne arundel police have been patrolling the street, checking ids and pulling over cars that
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look suspicious. the response has been very obvious because this latest burglary resembled those that happened a couple of years ago, one in which an elderly victim was sexually assaulted. [ and that same street on country club drive, there was a sexual assault in 2010 and a couple of burglaries. we're being cautious. we're going to look at every angle and see if they are tied in. we don't know that. >> reporter: at 6:00 we will talk to people in the community who remember that case in 2010 and what they're doing to try to help police to put a stop to it. abc 2 news. baltimore county police are now calling the grandson of an elderly couple found murdered in pikesville a suspect. ron and marjorie pepper, both in their 80s, were found by police after a neighbor who hadn't seen the couple in a while called a relative. the police started looking for the couple's grandson, matthew long, immediately, but only would say they were interested in talking to him. the day after the couple's bodies were discovered,
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officials in oklahoma were contacted saying long was in a hospital there. anger among hard line muslims escalated today with anti-american demonstrations all across north africa, and reaching far across asia. in response to the first of the elite marine teams already in the region and the bodies of four casualties, all working from the u.s. consulate returned home this afternoon with the president and secretary of state there to geat them. abc 2 newses that latest. -- to greet them. abc 2 news has the latest. >> reporter: maryland, and the president and a clearly moved secretary of state visited with the families and paid tribute. >> today bewe -- today we bring home four american whose gave their lives for our country and our values. >> reporter: that fundamental american belief that we can leave this world a little
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better than before. >> that's who they were, and that's who we are. >> reporter: the brazen attack was apparently designed to strike on 9-11. still the white house claims there was no advanced warning. >> wewere not aware of any actionable intelligence indicating that an ait can on the u.s. mission in ben gas question was planned or imminent. >> reporter: president obama has deployed troops equipped for combat, lib why and yemen to defend u.s. citizens and property. the anti-american activity it is feared it will worsen across the m. me after days of protest and violence. the police in riot gear launched tear gas to a sea of protestors in cairo. many here say the movie is denigrating the prophet muhammad.
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ahead of friday's clashes, the president spoke for more than seven minutes on state tv trying to calm tensions. now for some local perspective on the protest in the maine and the movie that sparked the deadly violence, tune in to square off this sunday. the show hosted is dive ing into the latest events overseas. square off airs here on abc 2 at 11:00 a.m. sunday. and the chicago teachers' strike appears to be headed to a resolution after nearly a week. the negotiators returned with a framework in place that could end the strike. both sides are not calling the deal a final contract, but they say the negotiations were productive. >> it was a really, really long night. we believe, i think, that it was beneficial. i think we moved closer. everyone was incredibly tired, but we are so close.
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>> reporter: the union's demands include a teacher evaluation system that doesn't rely primarily on test scores. the walk-out has canceled five days of school for the more than 350,000 public school students in chicago. both sides hope to get students back the class next week. if you're frustrated with your bank and are thinking about getting rid of your account, you're in the alone. a new fdic report shows there are nearly 10 million american households living without a checking or savings account. the south has the largest percentage of residents without an account at 10%. the national average is 8.2%. the report says some of the reasons people don't use banks high fee ors a mistrust of banks. giving your little ones antiobiotics make as lot of parents nervous, but a new study may give you more pause. why the scientists believe the drugs may set kids up for being overweight. and a terrified mom freaks out when her kinder garter in never gets off the bus from
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school. and papparazzi captures scandalous pictures of kate middleton sunbathing topless. what the royals are doing to fight back.
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in tonight's health alert, the link between divorce and stroke. a study suggests men from divorced families have a higher risk of stroke. researchers fund adult men are three times more likely to have a stroke if their parents divorced before they reached age 18. scientists can't pinpoint a reason for the increase. a new study adds to the growing list of concerns about the potential dangers of antibiotics. it suggests giving the drugs too soon could set them up for being overweight children. 7-month-old avery is enjoying a day in the park with her
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grandmother, but a month ago, she had a high fever. >> and so we took her to the e.r., and they said that they thought she had a bladder infection, so they gave her a prescription for antibiotics. >> reporter: she got more antibiotics when she was admitted to the hospital. >> and it was all over, and she had no need for any of the antibiotics because she had this rye rail. >> reporter: a new studies says babies exposed to antibiotics before they're six months old are likely to be chubby toddlers though their weight returns to average by the time they're 7. researchers found that unnecessary use of the drugs can disrupt healthy bacteria in the gut leading to the body make and storing more fat. the doctor, a pediatrician, and he says that antibiotics are contributing to childhood obesity and this is one factor doctor cans control. >> if we can identify risk factors and hopefully prevent obesity before it occurs, then
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we could have some dramatickic effects down the line. >> reporter: this is the first study the analyze the relationship between body mass and antibiotics. it is not saying babies who need antibiotics shouldn't get them. >> providing antibiotics is something that pediatricians need to do with discretion, but it is very important to fighting the disease. >> reporter: the doctor says another reason to cut back on giving your kids antibiotics is given too often, they won't work when your child really needs them. abc 2 news. for more health stories like this one, just head to abc 2 right now you'll find information about organic products and if they're worth it. let's take a look at some weather today. we'll start you out in annapolis. beautiful shot. it was a dry afternoon, a warm afternoon. and the highs were into the 80s. outside the studios at channel 2, you see a mixture of clouds and sump from time to time. you notice the clouds
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thickening up, though, right thousand going into this evening that is because we do have a front. 80 degrees in the city right now. 81 down in d.c. out towards the west, 84 still in frederick and winchester at 81 degrees. the temperature is pretty balmy this time of the year. the winds are pretty relaxed now, but they start to pick up go ing into tomorrow. we'll take you through the planner. we're down to around 60 waking up with temperatures that will start to move into the 70s tomorrow a beautiful day a blend of sunshine and clouds, but the winds are going to be picking up during the course of your day. you notice a few clouds drifting overhead. the front, that is back from cleveland to pittsburgh, and this is going to be rolling through. i think it is a dry frontal passage, but it will bring our wind shift more out of the westerly direction. the bulk of the moisture is down to the south and big storms are firing up in arkansas down to texas.
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ms of this stays to the south, and then we're watching out in the atlantic. tropical storm nadine, that is closely becoming a hurricane. winds at 70 miles per hour with nadine. it is moving to the north- northeast at 10 miles per hour. there could be some enhanced weather around maryland as we go into the next 24 to 48 hours. the only weather headline is really this cold front that moves through the course of tonight. low pressure to the north. high pressure down to the south. the pressure gradient, so that is going to kick up the winds as we head into the overnight going into tomorrow. just be aware of that, otherwise we're looking at really good conditions. the future trend, and upper 50s north and west of 70, but the sunshine is back in for tomorrow afternoon and it will be into the 70s. so your forecast for the overnight, and calling for around 60 degrees a spot shower. the breeze will start to pick up after midnight. 76 degrees tomorrow. breezy sunshine. a beautiful afternoon.
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and we really have a great stretch of weather for the weekend. sunshine returns, though, and sunday at 77 degrees. it will be again windy picking up again on saturday afternoon, and then all eyes turn down towards the gulf of mexico. there is going to be a storm system that will try to run up the coast on monday. i think monday is a nasty day. the wins pick up. the rains will be basically in place. that could be a good soaking, and the things start to cool off by tuesday. predominantly into the 70s, overnight lows into the 50s and a dramatic cool down the next eight to 10 days. we did a blog about this about how the pattern is kind of shifting around. i think 40s could be in the baltimore late next week. >> i didn't like the taste of that we got the other day. it freaked me out. >> come on! on runs you can go 20 miles now with no humidity. so it is very comfortable running weather. i'm ready! the pumpkins. >> and everybody is talking about that. >> good stuff. and i love hearing we have good
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weather this weekend. i'm going to penn state to see navy play. >> and happy valley, we'll have that forecast coming up at 5:30. thank you, just for me. i appreciate that. the first di of school ended with a scary experience for a kinder gardner -- kindergartener in seattle. the teachers insisted he should get in the car of an employee instead of going on the bus like his mom told him to. >> i did not know who she was, and i didn't know the car and i was crying. >> reporter: the day care says the school insisted they pick taylor up even though they had no record of him attending that day care. his mom wag terrified when he didn't get off the bus. they called the school and they didn't know where he was either. after searching through paperwork, they figured out he was sent to the wrong police and he eventually made it home safe and sound.
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breast feeding in public, and the controversy has entered the classroom. we first told you about this story yesterday. an american university professor had to bring her sick daughter with her to class, and when the baby started to fuss, she fed her. the professor is now speaking out saying while feeding her infant in class wasn't the ideal option, and it also wasn't a distraction. >> the humanity that i think children can bring the a work place environment. and without necessarily detracting from the seriesness -- seriousness. >> reporter: the professor hopes her actions will spark a deeper discussion about how difficult finding child care can be. the university says it does' have a policy on breast feeding during class, but it does provide breaks for new moms and a private place to pump breast milk. we keep an eye on everything from your bank accounts to your kids' facebook accounts from your computer, but one man watching his house from his house -- computer saw
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something surprising. people aren't the only one whose want the adrenaline rush. apparently dogs do, too. where this pooch was spotted hitting the track. anncr: a good job. it's the key to a good life.
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but to build it you have to vote for it. vote for question seven. and get maryland back to work.
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a track it is bus -- transit bus overturned on a los angeles freeway this morning and somehow nobody was hurt. it just started rolling, and it fell off an overpass and ended up on its side. nobody was on the bus at the time. it landed on a freeway avoiding any other traffic. crews worked to clean up the scene. a home in texas was burglarized and it was all caught on camerament get this, the homeowner watched the two intruders steal his work
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computer. one of the men eventually realized he was being taped and tried to destroy the camera before dashing out of the house. the police have not caught either suspect yet, but thanks to the video, they have a pretty good description. a black bear was spotted wandering through a resident shall area of vancouver yesterday. the animal was roaming around from yard to yard. and it nosed through one house's trash, but otherwise it didn't cause too much damage. the bear weighs about 300 pounds and is probably about three years old that bear was eventually caught and no one was hurt judgement a dog wanted to join the race at the sprint cup practice. the pooch got loose and around around on the track and the infield. and he is having such a blast! luckily no cars were on the track at the time. the dog was caught after his own little race there and nobody was hurt, not even the dog. a 22-year-old man is in custody after allegedly setting a series of fires in baltimore county. we'll tell you where it happened and what the victims say they lost in the fires.
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and kate middleton caught sunbathing topless. what could happen to the magazine who shot the pics of the royal who was nearly naked. and nothing sounds better during the weekend than wine. we have detail0sen a wine festival you don't want to miss. and we're going to talk about a beautiful weekend, and there could be some big rains for monday. your seven-day forecast is coming up in just about 120 seconds. ñ[=
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baltimore county schools announce their plans to step up u security after a shooting. and the county police have committed to additional patrols near schools. the plans will be outlined in a letter sent home to parents. the police in glen burnie are searching for a man they say burglarized the home of a 70-year-old woman. the woman was not hurt, but it
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resembles another crime two years ago on the same block an elderly victim was sexually assaulted back in 2010. the grandson of an elderly couple is a suspect in the crime of their death. the day after the bodies were discovered, the police were contacted by officials in oklahoma who said long was in a hospital there. it is a beautiful evening. sunshine and clouds, and it is going to be a little after 7:30 this evening and we are tracking a front out to the west that could bring just really a small chance of some showers into the area. take a look at our 80 degrees. just 78 degrees and for the 95 southbound stretch as you go along the baltimore national pike seeing really good conditions now. take look at the afternoon highs. almanac, 81 degrees. we sh


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